Signing with CollegeSolutions was one of the best decisions I made. From the very first phone call all the way through to submitting the application they made me feel comfortable and confident. They pushed me to be the best that I could and provided the most efficient aid on every step of the way. With their personalized attention and the enormous amount of dedication they give to making you successful I firmly believe that CollegeSolutions is the best possible way to go about applications!

Renu Ma’am and Rajika Ma’am were absolutely phenomenal in helping me through my college admissions process! I began working with them in the summer of 2021, and their guidance was invaluable in exploring various aspects of the program I wanted to pursue during my college tenure. They went above and beyond to help me build my profile, keep me motivated to perform well academically, and address every little doubt I had regarding the application process. They truly were a blessing!

Writing essays was by far the most important and challenging part of the process, but Renu Ma’am and Rajika Ma’am made it a breeze! They provided me with systematic and methodical guidance in planning my essays, assisted me with drafting them, and provided prompt feedback. Their one-on-one attention and approachability throughout the process helped me feel relaxed and self-assured.

Thanks to their unwavering support, I received offers from almost 14 universities across the world! College Solutions enabled me to achieve my dream of getting into my desired program at my dream university! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to College Solutions for their invaluable contribution to my college admissions journey!

Renu Aunty, Rajika Aunty, and College Solutions as a whole came as a blessing in disguise for me. A process that started out by slowly constructing my profile in 2021, culminated in me securing admission into the university of my dreams: Northwestern. Honestly, the last two years flew by and they were both by my side at each step, whether it be helping me draft out emails to mathematics professors abroad for research or giving in-depth information about what each university in my application list specifically wanted from an applicant – they were always there for me. Even at my lowest, when my grades slumped or when I didn’t get the SAT score that I wanted, they motivated me and sure enough, I sailed through each aspect of the undergraduate admissions process whether it be academics, standardized testing, extracurriculars, essays and interviews (the mock interviews were brilliant).

In short, this time I’ve had with you is truly priceless and I won’t trade it for anything else in the world. Thank you so much!

Perceptive, knowledgeable and thorough are three adjectives that I would like to use for Rajika ma’am and Renu Ma’am.

The two year journey leading to our daughter’s college admission to her dream college has been a smooth sailing from the word go. They have taken charge of the child, motivated her to perform, chased her to complete her essays with multiple edits and suggestions, ensuring that the final essay reflected her unique Individuality.
They took pains to understand our daughter and our circumstances in order to suggest courses, colleges and countries which were most appropriate for us rather than suggesting the best colleges in the world.
They did separate meetings with the child, set targets with her, pushed, coaxed, cajoled and motivated her in turns.
The process was so hassle free, transparent and insightful that we felt that we should have approached them for the admission process of the two older children.

Gratitude to both of them for the services rendered and the care taken!

May you touch many more lives!

I began working with Rajika Ma’am and Renu Ma’am in August 2019 (the beginning of Grade 10). I felt it was a good idea to get professional guidance early on in the college application process so I could get advice and make informed choices about about extracurricular activity participation, subject choices, and college research.

Over the past two and a half years, College Solutions helped me make several important decisions. My most challenging hurdle was narrowing down my college list. With Rajika Ma’am and Renu Ma’am’s guidance, however, I was able to successfully complete the task by establishing a set of criteria to assess my college list on. This is one example of the many ways that College Solutions helped me. They offered constant support while I was conducting my college research, explaining different factors I should consider about each institution. Also, they assisted me while writing my CommonApp and supplemental essays, ensuring that I followed the prompts appropriately while also being creative.

Overall, I had a great experience with College Solutions. Rajika Ma’am and Renu Ma’am were constantly by my side, supporting me and guiding me in every way possible. Without them, I would not have been able to get into my dream university!

To me the college application process was quite stressful and overwhelming, especially with the pressure of IB increasing at the same time; Aunty Rajika and Aunty Renu noticed how burnt out I was at times and sitting down for a call with them as we talked through all my worries and fears really helped me to rationalize my thoughts and think more clearly. When I was calm, it was easier for me to write college essays that reflected who I am and that I ended up being really proud of. I am grateful for the abundant informational and emotional support that I received from them!
After doing my college research it was difficult for me to decide on a set college list and whether or not and where to apply early decision to and being able to hear advice and another perspective from Aunty Rajika and Aunty Renu on the colleges I was considering helped me be confident in my final application choices.

In a world where education is a commodity, welcome to a world where your child matters! Where one size never fits all – and where your child gets the attention they need – to the extent they need. Rajika and Renu are special – not only because of this but because for them, each child is precious – each child is different and each child is to be understood first and only then counselled. There is never spoon feeding, but constant guiding and a lot of straight talking. Thank you Rajika and Renu – and for everyone reading this, I would trust only them with my children – blindly!

Applying to university can be a daunting task with many steps along the way. Luckily, I had Rajika and Renu Aunty to help me. They advised me from the beginning on how to improve my resume and what internships and clubs I should join; the standardized tests I should take; my college list and most importantly the essays. This is where I think College Solutions helped me the most as Rajika and Renu Aunty provided a second pair of eyes and looked over multiple drafts of my essay and provided feedback on them.

Along the way, they also suggested college visits and summer programs that I could look at, and I have always felt that they have researched and looked out for me as well as have provided a balanced, unbiased, viewpoint many parents can’t provide.

Rajika and Renu Aunty have also been extremely approachable through the entire process and never shy away from giving you one-on-one attention whether that is just to chat, or to specifically go over something.

Through this whole process, I was able to be admitted to my dream university so thank you College Solutions!

I started my college application journey in early 2018, and from the beginning, it has been a non-stop rollercoaster. Balancing everything from the SATs to extra-curricular activities and school exams was challenging but rewarding at the same time, but I’m sure it would have been next to impossible without Rajika and Renu Aunty’s help.

The application process ….. can be very gruelling if you don’t manage your time well. The first thing College Solutions helped me with was establishing a time-line for the next year and a half. It really put things into perspective and made me realize how jam-packed the next two years of my life were going to be.

When I started making a list of colleges, my focus was primarily on how well they were ranked. College Solutions helped me realize how important “fit” was when deciding which colleges you’re going to apply to and ultimately attend.

The Essay writing portion was the most difficult and, by far, my favorite part of the application process. Crafting the perfect essay is no easy task, and it often took me hours to write a single draft. I must have written almost two dozen essays and countless more drafts. Still, Rajika and Renu Aunty went through each and every word I had typed, pointing out everything from well-suited synonyms to punctuation errors. It wasn’t uncommon for me to scrap the entire essay and start over.

At no point, however, were they overbearing; it was clear from the beginning that it was my application, and they were there to advise me and help me navigate my way through the process, which I really appreciated.

If I have one regret, it would be not taking the opportunity to add a few more reach colleges to my list. Every college looks at your application differently, and you never know when you’ll catch a lucky break.

I am fairly certain I wouldn’t be where I am today without College Solutions, and I’m honestly grateful for all their help and support.

Interactions with College Solutions were unique in three ways. First, the guidance for selection of the schools based on aptitude and ambition of our daughter Diksha. Second, coaching her to do the relevant set of things so as to increase the likelihood to get into her desired school. Third, always there to provide support both professional and emotional as Diksha went through the application journey.
It never felt overbearing. And Rajika Ma’am and Renu Ma’am were best in their craft to guide us all the way.
Monika and Jayatu

I had one of the most incredible experiences with College Solutions. Rajika and Renu soon became such an important part of the intricate application experience. They were constantly available, always encouraging and extremely knowledgeable about the processes. I would highly recommend going with this fab team!

“The most difficult part of applying to colleges abroad is probably the essay, though for me, selection of materials for my portfolio sure stressed me out more. That said, college application isn’t a wholly difficult process, especially when you have expert guidance like what College Solutions provided to me. However, selection of colleges is a whole ‘nother ball game. There’s so many to pick from, there’s so much they offer, and finding the right fit becomes rather difficult.

There were plenty of ways in which College Solutions helped. First off, you helped me make an informed decision regarding the colleges I was applying to, keeping in mind what I wanted and what they offered. You also fine-tuned my application so it was just right, be it editing my essays or correcting my forms. You also were graciously courteous and always willing to answer whatever questions I had, which I really do appreciate.

Once again, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in making my future.”

What I enjoyed about the college application process – apart from the amazing food that Renu Aunty fed me (!!), – was being able to understand the topics and discuss them before actually sitting down to write my essays. I was given the freedom to think of ideas that appealed to me, but also given guidance if I was moving off track.

Sometimes, the topics seemed too boring or I just did not have enough to say about a particular topic. But then, both Rajika and Renu Aunty really helped me by discussing my interpretation of the topic and I ended up making changes in the essays till I was satisfied with the end result.

College Solutions allowed me to be comfortable with the entire admissions process because both Rajika Aunty and Renu Aunty knew exactly what needed to be done at all times. If I got lazy, they always reminded me about my deadlines!

One thing I would change, if I could go through the whole process again, would be to have signed on with College Solutions earlier in the year so I could be guided on the extra curriculars I should pursue. I would also like to have been better organised with the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. I was not aware of the subjects that my colleges required for a long time, and I wish I had been better organised on that front.

College Solutions gave me the confidence to actually apply to the universities that I was only dreaming about for the longest time. The lists we prepared included Dream Schools, Reach Schools and Safety Schools. Choosing a college can be a difficult task, and is probably one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. College Solutions made it easy for us to take that decision, and gave a realistic view of what one’s future might look like if they choose a particular career path or a college. I was given lots of colleges to research and choose from so that I could see which one suited me best. It was hectic and tiring to manage school work, applications as well as extracurricular activities. It was difficult and stressful to keep up with the three of them, but it kept me on my toes and taught me to manage my time better. I would definitely try and start working sooner for applying to the colleges, so that everything could be sent off earlier. Some of my essays were written hurriedly, but despite that, College Solutions looked into every matter crucially and ‘saved’ me every time. If a particular essay wasn’t upto the mark, Renu and Rajika Aunty told me very honestly.

Having the personal, one-on-one attention from Renu and Rajika Aunty (very much needed for the crucial application process) is the aspect that I enjoyed the most. We all could really look into the essays, application forms etc deeply and understand what was really required from them. The constant inputs and brainstorming sessions with the three of us was something which was exciting and provided a place where we could all exchange ideas. I was advised and guided through the entire process in a very holistic and positive manner. We all had a lot of fun during the gruelling process, making it more enjoyable and motivating to apply to the colleges. I’m glad I made the conscious decision of choosing College Solutions to help me in my application process. I wouldn’t have been in the college I am right now, had it not been for them

Preparing for one’s child’s higher education away from home is the most daunting task a parent can ever take on. To top it up, going through tons of colleges and universities with all the forms and requirements makes it even more scary. I took to Renu from the moment I interacted with her on the phone. Of course when I met her it re-ascertained (should read “affirmed”) my feelings. I felt so comfortable and confident being around her. The more we talked, the more encouraged I got by realizing how much knowledge she had and would be so right in guiding my daughter to ultimately choose her place of study.

Renu’s sense of commitment and interaction with my daughter was wonderful. They shared an easy bond and through my daughters personality Renu could gauge what were the choices she should make.

I am very grateful to Renu, who was a guiding hand for my daughter who ultimately was selected into Chapman University for Business Studies, a college which was her first choice and the course which she was determined to take

“College Solutions helped me identify the universities which suit me, filling out the application forms and also with writing the essays. If I had to do this again then I would have thought of this much earlier, I would have prepared better for the various tests that I had to take and I would have read up more about the Universities.”

“CS helped me in a great way to help me write all the college essays and make sure they were perfect and also with analyzing which college suits my interests.”

“It’s pretty evident that my applications would not have been worthy of being accepted had Renu Aunty not run after me and Rajika Aunty not reviewed each and every one of my essays. Also, I must thank College Solutions for taking care of my nourishment every time I was putting my head to the applications!”

“Thank you, Renu Aunty, for advising me to apply to the University of Chicago!”